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  Outlook diagnostic flags
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When troubleshooting Outlook to detrmine if a connection issue is server or client side, you can use Outlook diagnostic flags.  These commands are run by clicking on the Start Menu, selecting run, and then typing "outlook.exe /FLAGNAME" where FLAGNAME is the name of the diagnostic.  
A complete list for Outlook 2007 can be found here:
Useful switches:
/cleanfreebusy   -   Cleans out the free/busy cache.  Can resolve issues with public folders, calendars, and can also resolve general connection issues
/cleanprofile   -   Removes registry keys associated with a profile.   The default profile will be used if Outlook is not set to prompt for a profile on startup.   Useful for profile corruption issues.
/noextensions  -   Loads Outlook without extenstions.   Extensions can cause send/receive issues.
/rpcdiag    -    A connection diagnostic for troubleshooting RPC over HTTP connections to Exchange

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Category : Email Hosting - Outlook
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Last Updated : 8/30/2010