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  How to re-associate Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager with a new profile
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
Taken from Microsoft Office Official Website:
You can add a Business Contact Manager database to a new profile or to an existing one. If you choose the former approach, simply create a new Outlook 2007 profile that contains your existing Outlook 2007 data. When you start Outlook 2007 with that profile, Outlook 2007 asks if you want to use Business Contact Manager. Click Yes to add it to the profile.

If you click No, Outlook 2007 will not add a database to the profile. However, you can add one manually. To add or restore a Business Contact Manager database to an existing profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Mail tool from Control Panel (Classic View) or right-click the E-Mail (Microsoft Office Outlook) icon on the Start menu and choose Properties.
  2. Click Show Profiles and select the profile to which you want to add Business Contact Manager; then click Properties.
  3. Click Data Files and in the Outlook Data Files dialog box, click Add.
  4. Select Business Contact Manager Database and click OK.
  5. To add an existing database, select Use An Existing Database and select the database previously used with the profile. To create a new database, choose the Create A New Database option. Then click Next and click Close.
  6. Click Close and click OK to close the remaining dialog boxes. Start Outlook 2007 and verify that your Business Contact Manager data and folders are now available in Outlook 2007.

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Last Updated : 8/30/2010