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  How do I enable Symphony IM archiving?
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In order for Smarsh to establish Symphony archiving for your firm you must first complete the following steps:

  1. Work with Smarsh to add Symphony archiving to your Smarsh subscription. Once you have worked with Smarsh to add a Symphony archiving subscription, the Smarsh Implementation Team will send you an email to establish the service.
  2. Work with Symphony to establish a SFTP site. Let Symphony know you are with Smarsh as they will whitelist our IPs on your behalf. Symphony will then create a SFTP account for you and show you where to get the address, username and password within the Symphony admin control panel. 
  3. Provide Smarsh with the SFTP details.  We will need to know the following to properly connect to your SFTP account:
  • SFTP address
  • SFTP username
  • SFTP password
  • Frequency of Export (found in the Recurring Export section of the Symphony admin console)
  • Total number of users that are going to be archived.

Once the above steps are finished, Smarsh will establish the connection our side and confirm when complete.

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Category : Instant Messaging
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Last Updated : 3/15/2017