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  How do I reset my password for Smarsh POP-hosted email, and why should I set up an alternate email address?
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These instructions are only applicable for the following mail servers: 1stglobal01, ameritas, as01, cambridge, hbeck01, hdvest, luxor, mail03, mirage, nfp01, onesco, popmail01, popmail02, smail01, or ti.

Users with email hosted on any of the Smarsh Icewarp servers can set up an alternate email address, which can be used to reset the mailbox password.

To set up an alternate email address,
  1. Log in to webmail
  2. Click the circular "face” icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Options from the dropdown
  3. Enter an email address in the Alternate Email field. Since this is the email address where password reset instructions will be sent, it’s important to set your Alternate Email to be a mailbox to which you have reliable access!
  4. Click OK to save

Password Reset
If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by following these steps. Note: If an alternate email address hasn’t been set, you can still get the password reset instructions if you have access to your Smarsh-hosted mailbox through a saved password (i.e. on your phone or through Outlook):
  1. Navigate to your webmail login page
  2. Where it says Forgot your password?, click Reset it
  3. Enter your Smarsh-hosted email address and the security code displayed under Forgot your password?, then click SEND
  4. Password reset instructions will be sent to both your Smarsh-hosted email address and your alternate email address.

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Category : Email Hosting - POP/IMAP
FAQ ID : 506
Last Updated : 4/5/2016