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  Email Hosting Named Admin Policy FAQ
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Named Admin Policy FAQ

What is the Smarsh policy for providing email hosting support?

The official Smarsh policy is to only provide email hosting support for named administrators, who are designated as individuals with the Support Rights Admin and User.

When does the named admin policy take effect?

This has been our policy since 2015, but it has not been strictly enforced.

Where is this policy documented?

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Smarsh Email Hosting Service Level Agreement

Why is Smarsh enforcing this policy?

We are enforcing a named admin only policy for security, so that we can ensure we’re only providing account information and access details to authorized parties.

What will the response be to end-users who are not Named Admins?

End users will be directed to contact their named administrator(s) to make the request on their behalf.

How can I find out or update my Support Rights?

To find out which Support Rights have been assigned for your firm, or to adjust them, please contact Smarsh by visiting or by calling 866-762-7741, Opt 2.

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Category : Email Hosting
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Last Updated : 3/18/2016