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  How to set up BES Text Message Archiving
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**Before starting, you will need the following FTP information items the are provided from a Smarsh technician. This is provided via email.

  • BES FTP Username
  • BES FTP Password


These instructions are intended for a technician who is familiar with managing a Blackberry Enterprise Server.

This script needs to be implemented on the BES server to capture SMS logs and upload them to Smarsh for archiving.




  1. Download pscp.exe from the PuTTY Download Page, and save it to C:\Windows\System32
  2. Download and open the file and extract the besupload.cmd script.
  3. Right-click the script and choose "Edit", then set these variables:
    • BESLOGS - verify that this is the correct path to the Logs directory on your BES server
    • SMARSHUSER - set to the FTP username provided by Smarsh
    • SMARSHPW - set to the FTP password provided by Smarsh
  4. Create a Scheduled Task to run the script at a designated time that you choose. This creates the automation to upload logs on a daily basis.
    • We recommend running this script after midnight each day.


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Last Updated : 5/19/2016