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  How to Manage Users’ Buddy Names for IM Proxy Archiving
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  You can begin using the system by setting user’s IM client settings to connect through the IM proxy system. The system will log everything relayed through it by IM screen name.

**Nothing is archived until your users' buddy names are mapped into your Smarsh IM Proxy Web Console.

You can find your company's unique link for the Smarsh IM Proxy Web Console via the email sent by a Smarsh technician.

It is then necessary to match an Employee to those screen names by following these instructions:
  • Managing Users’ Buddy Names
  • Logging on with your system admin account
  • Adding an employee
  • Creating a mapping from the employee to the appropriate screen name
  • No passwords are needed when creating an Employee/User

Supported Clients: AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, Yahoo, and other Jabber based clients.

Client Setup Instructions

For individual IM client settings please refer to our Smarsh Facetime Frequently Asked Questions, which is updated regularly to reflect changes with new IM client versions:

Smarsh IP Address ranges to allow on your firewall:

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Category : Instant Messaging - IMProxy
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Last Updated : 3/27/2015