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  Managing the size of your inbox
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Outlook - POP3

Mailboxes configured for POP3 access are easy to manage with the proper settings in place. To automatically manage your Inbox through Outlook, open up the settings for your email account in Outlook, go into 'More Settingsā€¦', and then to the 'Advanced' tab.


Here you can tell Outlook to remove mail from our server after it is deleted, so that it does not pile up in your online Inbox and cause slowness. Do this by de-selecting the option for 'Leave a copy of messages on the server'. Or, if you work remotely by logging into your account on the web, you can tell it to remove the mail after a number of days - this will give you a window of opportunity to see your mail on the web before Outlook removes it from our server.


If you use your Smarsh hosted email primarily through the web, you can manage your Inbox by moving mail into any folder besides the Inbox. The responsiveness of your mailbox can be acutely affected by having a large Inbox, so cleaning it up is likely to make a noticeable difference.

The fastest way to do this is by creating a folder, either under the Inbox or in the main folder list, by right-clicking the appropriate folder and choosing 'Create New Folder'.


From here you can move your entire current Inbox into that folder by going to Manage Content > Move To Folder, and selecting the folder you created. This can take some time, so you'll probably want to do it while you're not actively emailing.

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Category : Email Hosting
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Last Updated : 3/24/2016