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  What are the POP/IMAP settings for ?
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  POP/IMAP Hosted Setup Information:

If you're using Microsoft Office:
Step-by-step instructions are available for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010. Click here to download:

Outlook 2010 Setup Guide (POP3 SmarshConnect).pdf


Use the technical setup details listed here to configure your email client software or device. For step-by-step setup guides for the most popular software and devices, and answers to common questions, see below.

Please note:
If your email address is configured on a hosting solution other than Smarsh, you may need to remove this existing setup from your mail application before configuring your Smarsh Hosted email address. Before doing so, it is advised that you back up your previous configuration to better ensure that no data is lost.

Technical Setup Details
mail.smarshconnect.comincoming server port: 995
mail.smarshconnect.comincoming server port: 993
smtp.smarshconnect.comoutgoing server port: 587

When asked for your username, enter the full email address, e.g. "" (not just the first part).

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Category : Email Hosting - POP/IMAP
FAQ ID : 426
Last Updated : 11/6/2014