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  Smarshconnect Password Reset Instructions
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution

To reset a SmarshConnect password, go to and click on Forgot Password.

Next, click on Reset Your Password.

Once you fill in your Username (which is your full email address), click on Get Security Questions to fill in the answers you added during registration.

Fill in the answers for the three Security Questions and click Submit.

The system will inform you that a password recovery email will be sent to the secondary email you registered.

Go to the secondary email account and click on the link in the Password Recovery Email sent by the system.

The link will take you to the Password Recovery Portal and will prompt you to type in and confirm the new password.

Once the system accepts the new password, it will display a confirmation screen stating the password has been reset.

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Category : Email Hosting - Exchange
FAQ ID : 412
Last Updated : 3/5/2014