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  Apple Mail - Exchange Email Setup
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NOTE: This guide is for Exchange users. If you are a POP user please refer to this guide for setup instructions. (Click here)

Click on the Apple Mail icon on the Apple Dock

When the Apple Mail add account page appears, choose "Exchange"

In the Name field, type in the contact name you want those receiving the message to see.  Next, type in your full email address, your password and click Continue.

(If you don't have your password, the authorized user for your company can give it to you).

Under Account Settings, the User Name and Password should be filled, so fill in the Server Address provided in the email message sent from Smarsh.  Once that is filled in, the click Continue to move to the next step.

The Account Summary window should appear and verify that the system found the server account associated with the Exchange email address.  Click Continue.

Next, select the sync services they want to use with this account and click Done to complete the setup process.

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Category : Email Hosting - Other Email Clients
FAQ ID : 407
Last Updated : 10/29/2014