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  Blackberry POP3 Email Setup
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution

On the BlackBerry Z10, running BlackBerry 10 OS, locate the Settings app.

On the System Settings window, select Accounts.

On the Add Account window, select Email, Calendar and Contacts.

On the following Add Account window, enter in your Email address (ex. we'll use for this tutorial. You will use the email address you want to add).

and then select Advanced. (you may need to touch the white area of the screen to collapse the keyboard).

On the Advanced Setup window, select POP.

On the POP setup section, enter in the following information...

Description: Give the account a name.(ex. My Email)
Display Name: Enter in your full name.(ex. John Smith)
Username: Enter in your username, (your full email address).
Email Address: Enter in your email address.(
Password: Enter in your password.(ex. your email password)

POP Server Address: (replace the server part of the address with the server information from the email Smarsh provided).

SMTP Username: Enter in your username, (your full email address)
SMTP Password: Enter in your password.(ex. your email password)
SMTP Server Address:
SMTP Port:465
SMTP Encryption:SSL

Use push if supported:OFF
Sync Interval:choose your desired sync interval
Initial Retrieval Amount:choose your desired retrieval range

and then select, Done.

Your POP account is now configured.

To access your POP account, you need to escape back to the home screen and then swipe from left to right to reveal the BlackBerry Hub. From there, you can select your My Email account.



The Hostname settings for your Smarsh-hostedemail account could be different the settings used for this example. Reference the email Smarsh sent to you for your actual settings.

The IMAP email setup procedure is fundamentally the same as the POP3 email setup procedure. The only difference is the server port information for IMAP. The IMAP server port settings are:

Technical Setup Details
Protocol                          HostnamePort            143                       
IMAP with SSLserver.smarsh.com993
SMTPserver.smarsh.com25 or 587
SMTP with SSLserver.smarsh.com465
SMTP with TLSserver.smarsh.com25 or 587

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Category : Email Hosting - Blackberry
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Last Updated : 2/19/2014