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  How to set up IMAP email on an Android device
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From the home screen, tap the Applications icon.

Go to Settings and tap on the app to open it.

From the Settings page, go to Accounts and click Add account.

Scroll to IMAP and click on it to select it as your 

Account Type.

In the Email Address and User Name text boxes, enter your 

full e-mail address, (for example,  

Your User Name is the same as your e-mail address. In the 

Password text box, enter your password and then select Manual


For Account Type, choose IMAP

In the IMAP server text box, enter your IMAP server name.

Use Incoming Port number 993 for SSL/TLS and click Next.

On the Outgoing Server settings screen, the login 

required option should be selected for you, and the

 User Name and Password text boxes should be 

filled in.  Use Outgoing Port number 465, select 

SSL/TLS for Security Type and Click Next.

Under Account Settings, choose your personal email settings

 and Click Next.

In the Account Name text box, enter a name your account

(for example,

In the Your Name text box, enter the name you want displayed

when you send e-mail to others (for example "Smarsh Demo”),

and then click Next . Your email account is now added to your


Go to Settings > Accounts > IMAP to confirm that

your email account is synced to the device.

Note: On some new Android devices, you may need to use SSL Accept All Certificates for inbound authentication, and TLS Accept All Certificates for outbound authentication if Standard SSL/TLS authentication does not work. The Incoming port number would remain the same, but the Outgoing port number would change to 587.

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Last Updated : 5/14/2014