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  Email attachments appear as Winmail.dat instead of their orignal format within Outlook
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
  Outlook allows for sending multiple email formats; Plain Text, Rich Text and HTML.

When sending messages as Rich Text or HTML, Outlook automatically attaches a proprietary "winmail.dat" file containing all the formatting options, however Outlook is the only email program that can decode winmail.dat files. If the recipient of the email does not have Outlook, they may receive a winmail.dat file rather then the original attachment, or may receive a message which is the size of the attachment, although no attachment is visible (this often happens to Outlook Express users).

To resolve the issue, when drafting a new message with an attachment in Outlook:

  1. Select 'Format' menu
  2. Select 'Plain Text' instead of HTML or Rich Text.
  3. Send the message

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Category : Email Hosting - Outlook
FAQ ID : 4
Last Updated : 8/30/2010