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  How to test Connectivity to Smarsh IM servers
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How administrators can verify their network is ready:

The new SIM servers are located at and 
The current sim servers are located at and After the update, traffic will direct to the new servers so verifying connectivity to the new server will ensure connectivity after the upgrade.

1) Make sure there are no hard routes from,, and

2.) Ping and These should resolve to a 199.xx.xx.xx IP and return an IMCP ping response.

3.)Telnet to and from the command prompt using the following ports above: 12890 and 80. Response should blank out indicating proper connectivity

Sample commands:

  • telnet 12890
  • telnet 80
  • telnet 12890
  • telnet 80

**Please note: Existing connectivity to, will not require changes within the SIM software. These hostnames will automatically redirect to the new server addresses.

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Category : Instant Messaging - SmarshIM
FAQ ID : 343
Last Updated : 12/3/2012