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  Winmail.dat Attachments in Windows Live Mail
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
  When a Sender using Outlook sends a message (with PDF Attachments) to a recipient using Windows Live Mail and the recipient receives no attachments it may be caused by the following:

The sender may be set to send in "Rich Text" format, which will cause the attachments to be embedded in a winmail.dat file. Windows Live Mail does not support this.

However, unlike other email clients, Windows Live Mail hides the "winmail.dat" attachment, resulting in the recipient not seeing ANY attachment.

The solution to this issue is to configure Outlook to use HTML instead of Rich Text.

To make this change in Outlook, you will need to go into "Outlook Options" >> "Message/Mail Format" >> Select "Convert to HTML format" >> Apply >> OK

Once this change has been made, the issue should no longer be occurring.

Keywords : Attachments; Winmail.dat; LiveMail
Category : Email Hosting - Outlook
FAQ ID : 340
Last Updated : 10/2/2012