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  AOL buddies that I know are online are appearing to be offline in my buddy list.
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
AOL instant messenger buddies or contacts that are known to be online and available (who might even be in a chat with you) may appear to be offline in your buddy list. Typically this happens when either:
a) you have entered the contact or buddy's AOL screen name incorrectly in Smarsh Instant Messenger, or
b) the buddy has reformatted their AOL screen name within their AIM preferences.
For example: A business partner you communicate with has registered the screen name "johndoe2000" when signing up for an AIM account. Sometime afterwards, he decides to reformat his screen name to include the use of spaces and/or uppercase & lowercase characters for appearance purposes. Maybe he changed the format to "john doe 2000". In doing so, he may have effectively changed his address, breaking links in any buddy lists that include his "old" format.
1) Completely remove all entries in your Smarsh Instant Messenger buddy list for this AOL buddy. 
2) Re-add this AOL buddy to your Smarsh Instant Messenger budddy list using the properly reformatted screen name including any spaces and uppercase/lowercase characters that are now being used.
Your buddy should now appear online (or offline) when he or she is actually online (or offline). If this does not resolve the issue, you may need to repeat the above instructions, however, logging out of Smarsh Instant Messenger between steps.

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Category : Instant Messaging - SmarshIM
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Last Updated : 8/30/2010