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  IM Proxy Troubleshooting
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Basic Smarsh IM Proxy Troubleshooting Steps:

Check to see what IP you are connecting to:

Ping (IMCP ping will time out, but ping will tell you what IP DNS resolves to). Ping command should always return an IP address. Please note the IP address that you are connecting to. If you are not pinging then it is possible that you are experiencing a DNS issue.

Use the IP address listed above to attempt to run a telnet command for your version of IM client below.

Run the telnet command via command prompt on the following ports:

5190 (AIM 5.x legacy protocol)

5191 (Newer variant of 5.x and AIM Pro)

5192 (AIM 6.x and 7.x utilizing Kerberos encryption)

8010 (SOCKS proxy for Yahoo and MSN messenger)

5222 (Google talk traffic)

If successful, screen will blank out. Telnet to 5190 will give smiley faces. Failure to obtain any response from server will indicate either a firewall issue or that the improxy agent service is not accepting connections. Running a successful telnet of the same port on a network outside of your current one will indicate the connectivity issue may be isolated to a firewall issue

More information regarding the actual client can be found at 


Once signed in successfully, send a message back and forth to verify that a disclaimer is sent and received, as well as the user is showing online for the company in the Actiance control panel at: 

Once this has completed, it is highly recommended to sign off, shut down the IM client you are using, and restart the program to make sure changes have been accepted.

Firewall Settings:

Please use the following FAQ link for configuring your firewall/network settings to connect to our Production IP ranges:

Common Error messages:

You are not authorized to sign on – User needs to be mapped in the proxy admin panel

Your client software is not a recognized supported version. Double check the version number of the software the client is using by navigating to help >> about. Beta software may not be fully supported.

Connection timed out: Run the telnet tests from the client PC to verify that firewall is not blocking connectivity to the IM Proxy. Firewall settings or internet security software may require adjustment.

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Last Updated : 5/31/2012