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  Blackberry Secret Menus
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  Enterprise Activation (Options->Advanced)
ALT+CNFG - Settings for Enterprise Activation

Address Book
ALT+VALD - Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies
ALT+RBLD - Force a data structure rebuild

from the Options menu, type the following (No ALT+ required)
RSET - Will prompt to erase & reload for a reload of the Address book from the BES
(n.b. this will wipe all entries, but you can goto SIM Phone Book & copy entries back afterwards)

ALT+RBVS - View web page source code

Open up a Calendar item
ALT+VIEW Inside any Calendar item Show extra info for a Calendar event
(including message ID - handy for BES log troubleshooting)

from the Options menu, type the following (No ALT+ required)
SYNC - Enable Calendar slow sync
RSET - Will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the BES
RCFG - Request BES configuration
SCFG - Send device configuration
DCFG - Get CICAL configuration
SUPD - Enable detailed Cal. report for backup
SUPS - Disable detailed Cal. report for backup
SUPN - Disable Cal. report database
LUID - Enable view by UID
SRSL - Show Reminder status log

ALT+VIEW - For messages, displays the RefId and FolderId for that particular message. For PIM items, displays only the RefId.

Search Application
ALT+ADVM Search Application Enabled Advanced Global Search

Home Screen
ALT(left)+Shift(right)+Del - Restart the Blackberry (only for full-keyboard Blackberries)
ALT+JKVV - Display cause of PDP reject
ALT+CAP+ H - Displays the Help Me screen
ALT + EACE - Displays the Help Me screen
ALT + ESCR - Displays the Help Me screen
ALT + NMLL - Switches the signal strength from bars to a numeric value.
ALT + LGLG - Displays the Java™ event log.

WLAN (WLAN wizard screen)
ALT-SMON WLAN - Enable simulated Wizard mode
ALT-SMOF WLAN - Disable simulated Wizard mode

Theme (from theme menu)
ALT-THMN - Change to no theme (B&W)
ALT-THMD - Change to default theme

Date/Time (Date/Time menu - No ALT+ required)
LOLO - Date/Time Show Network time values

SIM Card (Options->Advanced->SIM card - No ALT+ required)
MEPD - Display MEP info
MEP1 - Disable SIM personalization
MEP2 - Disable Network personalization
MEP3 - Disable Network subset personalization
MEP4 - Disable Service provider personalization
MEP5 - Disable Corporate personalization

Status (Options->Status)
BUYR - Data & Voice Usage
TEST - start a device test (Keyboard, GPS, RF, Audio (Handset,headset,bluetooth, Misc)

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Last Updated : 4/6/2011