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  How do I use smarshEncrypt?
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smarshEncrypt User's Guide
The smarshEncrypt platform allows Smarsh customers to send confidential information and documents easily and securely.
Sending Secure Messages
If you are a Smarsh customer with smarshEncrypt enabled, there is usually a trigger word you can put in the subject line to send messages securely.  Check with your compliance officer or Smarsh account manager if you're not sure what to do.
Be aware that messages you send to other people in your company, or to other recipients whose email is hosted on the same email server, will not go through the smarshEncrypt system.  Because these messages are delivered locally, they are not sent through the Internet via plain-text SMTP.
Receiving Secure Messages
If you have received a smarshEncrypt notification message, follow these instructions to log into the smarshEncrypt system and read your secure messages.  

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Last Updated : 3/19/2014