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  My Blackberry is duplicating calendar events, but my Outlook calendar is fine.
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
  Sometimes if there is a synchronization glitch or an older Blackberry Desktop Manager, it can cause two sets of calendars (desktop and default) when looking on a Blackberry.

First navigate to calendars, click on the blackberry button.  Select options. If there are two calendars showing up, that could be the cause of duplication. 

Start by resending service books to the device. If that does not work, continue to the next step.

Using RSET can fix various problems that may arise when using calendaring on a BlackBerry. Sometimes BlackBerrys will develop a problem when connected to Exchange through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server in which calendar entries show up twice or more within the calendar application. This duplication will only appear within the BlackBerry calendar, and will not be reflected in the user's Outlook calendar. Additionally, this can fix some issues when events are appearing at wrong times, or when changes are not being applied properly.

  1. Select Calendar, -> Options
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and type RSET.

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Category : Email Hosting - Blackberry
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Last Updated : 8/30/2010