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  How do I move (export/import) my Outlook 2003/2007 mailbox data from my old POP3, in house Exchange server, or 3rd Party Exchange server, to the Smarsh Exchange server?
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This document addresses how to export data from your current Outlook mailbox (POP3/IMAP or Exchange) and import the data into your new Smarsh Exchange mailbox

You may want to print the following:

To transition from your current email services, please follow the steps below for each user below.

** The following instructions assume that your MX records/inbound mail routing has already been updated to route mail to the Smarsh Exchange system - if this is not true do not go past step 2 until your company has made the MX record changes.

Our support team can walk you through these steps, if needed, please call our support team at 1.866.762.7741 and choose option 2.

  1. Create a new Outlook profile for your new Exchange mail
    1. Go to Control Panel, Double click on "Mail", click on Show Profiles, click on "Add..."
    2. Name the new profile "Smarsh Exchange profile"
    3. Follow the instructions previously provided to connect to your new server and mailbox.
    4. After you have added the Exchange profile make sure that in the "Show Profiles" area of the Mail Control Panel you have selected "Prompt for a profile to be used"

      The following is sometimes helpful information:

      1. The next time you start Outlook it should prompt you for which profile you would like to use, if you select the "Smarsh Exchange profile" as labled in step 2, you will be asked for your new Exchange username and password (above these instructions) - you will then see an empty mailbox, blank calendar, etc - the remaining steps will explain to you how to populate and import your old mailbox data (including calendar items) into our Exchange system.
      2. If you select "Outlook" or whatever the original name of your current Exchange profile was named, you will have all of your existing mail and current Exchange server information.

        : Has your domain's inbound mail routing (MX Records) been updated? Do not proceed if inbound mail is not pointing to the Smarsh Exchange system.
  1. Download all old messages from your old/current POP3/IMAP/Exchange server
    1. Close Outlook if it is open - wait 15-20 seconds
    2. Open Outlook again and choose the OLD current Exchange profile (usually named "Outlook")
    3. Click Send/Receive to grab all of your new email

  1. Export your existing email to a PST file
    1. From within your current profile (Outlook) - click on File, then "Import and Export..."
    2. Choose "Export to a file" - Click Next
    3. Choose "Personal Folder File (.pst) - Click Next
    4. Select the top folder, usually named "Personal Folders", Check the "Include subfolders" option- Cick Next
    5. Click on the Browse button and choose a location you will remember (such as the desktop, or My Documents), click OK
    6. Click "Finish"
  2. Import your newly created PST file into your new Smarsh Exchange Profile
    1. Close Outlook and wait 15-20 seconds
    2. Open Outlook and choose your new Smarsh Exchange profile
    3. Click on "File", choose "Import and Export"
    4. Choose "Import from another program or file" - Click Next
    5. Choose "Personal Folder File (.pst) - Click Next
    6. Click on "Browse" and choose the file/location you created in step 4 - click OK and Next
    7. Choose the top-level folder (usually called "Personal Folders") make sure there is a check mark next to "Include subfolders". Make sure "Import items into the same folder in:" is selected and that it says - "Mail Box - User's Name"
    8. Click Finish

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Last Updated : 7/1/2014