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  Disclaimer appears above message body when some users receive multi-part messages.
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
When using a domain disclaimer that is automatically inserted into the bottom of each email message, some users may see the disclaimer at the top of the message or as one of potentially several attachment files.
This problem is sporadic and tends to occur when the following conditions are met:
  • Sender is using MS Outlook as their mail client (commonly Outlook 2002)
  • Message is sent in Rich Text or HTML format
  • Message contains one or more attachments
  • A disclaimer is in use by the company or domain (ex. legal disclaimer)
This issue has been investigated and is determined to be a problem with MS Outlook incorrectly handling MIME-multipart content, violating RFC. Microsoft acknowledged the issue on its Web site and indicated that the problem will be corrected in newer versions of Outlook.
Additional information can be found at:
Resolution options for Smarsh users experiencing this problem:
  • Send messages (or at least those containing attachments) using the Plain Text format rather than Rich Text or HTML.
  • Send messages using Outlook Web Access (OWA) instead of the MS Outlook application.
  • Upgrade to a later version of MS Outlook
  • Upgrade to MS Exchange Server using an RPC over HTTP or IMAP connection.
  • Replace the automatic domain disclaimer with a signature file in Outlook.

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Category : Email Hosting
FAQ ID : 22
Last Updated : 9/28/2006