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  How do I request my existing Blackberry Internet Service username and password
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Your wireless service provider typically provides you with a username and password which is used to control email account management for your Blackberry device. Often this username and password was not chosen by the individual and therefore it is very easy to forget both.
Typically the wireless service provider will use a person's full name or initials for the username. If you do not know your username you will need to call your wireless service provider's support department to retrieve this. There is no automated way to retrieve the BIS username.
If you know the username but have forgotten the password it is easy to request the password be sent to you as a text message. This can be done on the phone itself under "Blackberry Setup" --> "Personal Email Setup" -or- by going to the service provider's Blackberry site and choosing the "forgot password" link.
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Category : Email Hosting - Blackberry
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Last Updated : 8/30/2010