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  Smarsh IMProxy Service: IMTrader / Pivot360 client setup instructions
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Pivot360 archiving setup instructions
Overview: Pivot360 is an IM client / service solution offering enhanced IM solutions for both internal and public IM networks. The archiving solution required to work with Pivot360 is 2 fold including:
1- Archive internal Pivot to Pivot messages along with internal Pivot ChatRoom data
2 - Archive Instant Messages to public networks such as AIM
1) SERVER SETUP - Internal Pivot archiving setup
 Pivot360 will log archive data to an FTP site where Smarsh can pickup that archive data nightly for import. Pivot will need to provide an FTP server and logon credentials to Smarsh at which point Smarsh will setup an importer on their IMProxy solution.
2) CLIENT SETUP - IM client archiving setup for AIM
This will  need to be setup on all IM clients that require their public IM traffic (AIM) to be captured.
First click "File" then "Connection Manager"
Ensure AIM is disconnected then click "edit" as shown below
Finally enter "" and port "5190" as shown below

Category : Instant Messaging - IMProxy
FAQ ID : 198
Last Updated : 8/30/2010