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  Sometimes I can't copy and paste into an IM window using the Control-V keyboard commands. Why?
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
From time to time, you might experience difficulty copying and pasting (or cutting and pasting) text between IM conversation windows, espeically using the Control-V command to paste.
This occurs when:
1) you have copied text to your clipboard, then 
2) you receive an incoming message from another IM user, before
3) pasting text from the clipboard into your target window.
As you try to paste using Control-V you might notice that no text is placed in the target window. When the new incoming message was received, the Smarsh Instant Messenger assigned keyboard focus to the window that received this new message.
To resolve this issue:
A) Paste the text using your mouse (Right-click, then choose Paste) or 
B) Simply click on the window that received the new IM message, then attempt to paste your text again using Control-V.
Note: This generally occurs extremely infrequently for most users. Users who maintain many active IM conversation windows on their desktop are more likely to experience this issue.

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Category : Instant Messaging - SmarshIM
FAQ ID : 17
Last Updated : 8/30/2010