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  Smarsh IMProxy Service: Other consumer based IM client connection settings (not recommended for business use)
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
Smarsh IMProxy is a gateway style IM logging service. The gateway target is hosted in the Smarsh datacenter capable of capturing Instant Messaging conversations as they are sent and recieved by most Public IM clients. Though most IM clients are supported including AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk and others, Smarsh reccomends using the AIM network for business use.
The following Public IM clients (AIM For Mac, GoogleTalk, Yahoo, and MSN) are known to automatically route around their proxy settings making them unfit and not reccomended for business use. Additionally these consumer based IM clients automatically force updates which are known to overwrite proxy settings. 
It is possibly to lock down these clients by protocol at the firewall level however doing so requires a properly configured advanced intrusion detection based firewall appliance at the corporate gateway.
Trillian disclaimer:
At this point in time Trillian does abide by proxy setting rules and does not automatically update its client to route around proxy settings making it a viable solution. Please use with caution and with the knowledge that this may change at Trillian's discretion.
MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger:

 Windows Live Messenger needs to have the MSN servers blocked to prevent access, as Windows Live will automatically ignore proxy settings placed in. This can be done on the firewall level, or on the individual level by adding the following entries to your HOSTS file first:

**Please note that modifying the HOSTS file is recommended to only be modified by advanced users and IT administrators. Incorrectly modifying the HOSTS file can result in possible connectivity issues.

1) Click "Tools" - Click "Options"
***Note: If you do not see Tools click "Help" - then click "View toolbar"***
2) Click "Connection" - Click "Advanced Settings"
3) Type: in "SOCKS" proxy box
      - default port: 8010 should be used
Yahoo Messenger:
1) Click "Messenger" - "Connection Preferences"
2) Select "Use proxies"
      - Select enable "SOCKS proxy"
3) type: (default port 8010 should be used)
4) Select ver 5

In order to enable successful file transfers, an entry must be made to the windows HOST file in order to function:

Trillian  allows for distinct connection options for each public network connection that you make. The same connections methods as shown above are necessary for each public network.
To manage your Trillian 5 connections : click on "Trillian" Menu and click "manage accounts"

Under accounts the settings can be modified for AIM and Gtalk:

AIM on Trillian 5

GoogleTalk on Trillian 5:

 To manage connections open your Trillian 3 Client click:
"Trillian" menu - "Connections" - "Manage my connections"
Trillian AIM:
Click AIM connection - click "Change" button - set host to: - leave port as 5190 - click "save settings"
Trillian Yahoo:
Click "Advanced Preferences" - Click "Proxy Server"
Choose "Yahoo" service from drop down - Uncheck "Use below proxy settings for all services" - set proxy as shown in picture:


**Note: We highly advise against using the official Googletalk client as we find that it generally ignores proxy entries. Please see Trillian instructions for Googletalk**

1) Click "Settings"
2) Click "Connection"
- Select "Use the following proxy:"
- default port: 8010should be used

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Last Updated : 3/18/2014