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  Can I change the sounds used by the Smarsh Instant Messenger client?
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
  Yes, the sound files are located in the folder "Sounds” under the SEM installation folder, and correspond to the following events:

onl.wav - Someone from your contact list goes online

negado.wav - The other user denies your request to add him/her to your contact list

msg.wav - You received a new message from another user

msg2.wav - You received a new message from someone with whom you are already chatting

intro.wav - Sound that is played when the program opens (while splash screen is displayed)

evento.wav - General sound that is used in multiple cases to show that an event has occurred

click.wav - "Clicking sound" similar use to previous one

chat.wav - A secure multi-person chat is started

aut.wav - Someone requests your authorization to add you to his/her contact list

aceptado.wav - One of the user to whom you requested authorization, has authorized you

In order to change one of these WAV sound files, you should locate or create a new WAV file you would like to use. Rename this file to match the name of the file you wish to replace. Close SEM. Copy the new file into the Sounds folder, replacing the old one. Restart SEM.

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Category : Instant Messaging - SmarshIM
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Last Updated : 5/31/2012