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  What new features were introduced in Smarsh Instant Messenger v5.0?
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  Smarsh Instant Messenger v5.0 (Build 2539) includes many feature additions and enhancements. A partial list includes:

  • Web IM Client. Now you can access your IM acount and network within a web browser on any computer without installing any software. This also permits the use of SIM on computers with any operating system. Stay connected and compliant even when you are away from your PC.
  • Google Talk/Jabber Interoperability. Communicate with GTalk contacts securely and in accordance with compliance policies from within Smarsh Instant Messenger.
  • Multi-person chat with voice and video. Initiate and participate in voice, video and text chats with contacts on any IM network (public or private).
  • Display Picture & Enhanced Webcam Support. Select and display a photo from your computer's hard drive or a live webcam image to show your chat participants during conversations.
  • Custom status text. Announce events or customizing your online status message.
  • Send and receive SMS (text messages) to/from any mobile device. Keep your company constantly connected by allowing your employees to add mobile phone numbers to their contact lists, regardless of what mobile network they belong to.

    Improve the administrative control of your IM network

  •  User grouping for policy management. The Administration Console provides you with functions to manage groups of users, giving you the possibility to have all your IM network users in a more organized structure.
  • Dynamically link groups to Active Directory groups. Configures Directory Integration for local settings based on some information requested. The server must be on an Active directory.
  • Custom defined management levels. Each role (auditor, light, standard and full) has different privileges. Managers can add roles, delete or modify them.
  • Custom default settings. Functions can be set individually for each user of the private IM network.
  • Better control of public IM networks. Managers can enable or disable public IM networks individually for example; they can enable Yahoo for a contact but not Google Talk. Besides, managers can allow users to sign in with specific accounts (previously set) and not with other ones.
  • Default contacts. Apply default contacts (and folders) to new user accounts created from the IM client and from the administration console.
  • Enhanced Audit Logging (Groups/network activity log). Check all the actions performed in the Administration Console over a specific group or network by each of the managers from/to a specific date.

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    Category : Instant Messaging - SmarshIM
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    Last Updated : 8/30/2010