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  Smarsh IMProxy Service: AIM client connection settings (Recommended)
Answer/Resolution Answer/Resolution
Smarsh IMProxy is a gateway style IM logging service. The gateway target is hosted in the Smarsh datacenter capable of capturing Instant Messaging conversations as they are sent and recieved by most Public IM clients. Though most IM clients are supported Smarsh reccomends using the AIM network for business use. (details at bottom of article)
Connection Methods:
1) Client-by-Client connection method:
This method requires each IM client on each end user desktop be configured with the following IM Client Connection Settings as shown below. Please note that only AIM and specfically AIM Pro are gauranteed to connect using their proxy settings. MSN, Yahoo, and GoogleTalk are known to auto-navigate around their proxy bypassing IM logging.
Reccomended AIM Client Connection Settings:
Proxy / Host:
Port: Depends on client - please see below: 

AIM 7.x:
1) Click "Settings"
2) Click "Connection" tab
      - Type: in "Host:" box
      - Type port: 5192
2) Click "Sign In/ Sign Out" tab
      - Uncheck "Automatically download and install updates when AIM starts"
      - Uncheck "Notify me when beta updates are available"
This will prevent AIM from updating to new versions that may not be fully compatible with Facetime.
AIM Pro:
1) Click Edit
2) Click Connection Settings
3) Set host and port
Classic AIM 5.9 and older:
1) Click Setup
2) Click Connection button
3) Change Host to "" and leave port as 5190
AIM 6.x:
1) Click "Settings"
2) Click "Connection" tab
      - Type: in "Host:" box
      - Type port: 5192
AIM 2.0 (Mac)
**Please note that versions of AIM newer than 2.0 for Mac do not allow modification of connecting server**

1) Under AIM, click on Preferences.

2. Click on Connection - Change AIM server to and Port to 5192.
3. Sign on and Sign off AIM.
MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, and Trillian settings:
Please note that these IM networks and clients are considered consumer based IM services and are not reccomended for business use. The clients are known to automatically route traffic around their proxy settings aswell as automatically update their client software to by pass archiving.
A firewall with protocol detection is reccomended to lock down communication of these clients through the proxy to ensure electronic messages are archived.
MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, and Trillian settings: (please read disclaimers)

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Last Updated : 12/31/2014